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If you go to the McDonald County Recorders of Deeds website:

1. Click on the link:
2. Simply click the “Sign-in as a guest” button (do not enter anything in the User ID and password fields)
3. Click on “MCDONALD” as the county to search
4. You are now able to search any name for a marriage license (or other recorded documents) in our county:

           You can search for any of the following:

                     – Records relating to real estate ownership in the county. Land records start in 1865.
                     – Marriage licenses. Marriage records start in 1865.
                     – Armed Forces discharge papers for all veterans who reside in the county.
                     – State and federal tax liens.


Thanks to Kenny & Amey at the McDonald County Recorder’s Office we’ve also compiled the following for your convenience:


Index of all Marriage Records from 1865 to 2009


McDonald County Marriage Records issued in 2010


McDonald County Marriage Records issued in 2011


These indexes include all marriage licenses issued in McDonald county from October 1865 to December 2009, 2010 and 2011. There are also instructions on how to order printed copies of the original record kept on file at the County Recorder’s office. The index can be viewed online, organized by the husband’s last name, or the entire index can be downloaded onto your computer in a spreadsheet format.


A great resource for genealogists and historians!

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