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ABCmouse for Libraries Provides Free Access to award winning Early Learning Academy

The Bring Learning Home Initiative is expanding to McDonald County, providing families around the county with free home access to ABCmouse Early Learning Academy via the library. ABCmouse is the leading educational website and app for children ages 2–8, with more than 10,000 learning activities, including books, games, songs, puzzles, and animations. 

When patrons check out an ABCmouse account from the library, they get full access to the research-validated ABCmouse curriculum, including more than 10,000 Learning Activities (hundreds available in Spanish), several stand-alone mobile apps that can be used without internet connectivity, and digital assessments that help track your child’s progress in key early literacy and math skills over time. The program is designed to increase school readiness and reading proficiency and can be used by up to three children per family. 

Bring Learning Home is a nationwide initiative that helps children prepare for and succeed in school by bringing effective early learning resources to families at no cost. According to The Nation’s Report Card, two out of every three children in the U.S. are not proficient in reading by the time they reach fourth grade. Bring Learning Home seeks to change that by partnering with libraries that play a critical role in serving at-risk children and by providing effective educational resources that build on classroom instruction at home.

Children using ABCmouse through this program are averaging significant growth in literacy and math skills after just one month. Research shows that regular weekly usage of ABCmouse helps prevent the “summer slide” in reading and can drive significant gains in early literacy and math skills.


ABC is free at this library!
digital learning resource for children ages 2-8+
With more than 8,500 Learning activites and 850 lessons, is the most comprehensive early learning curriculum avaiable online! Preschool through 2nd grade
Ask your librarian for more details.
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