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Adventure Begins At Your Library!

The Library will be full of adventures, so get ready for a whirlwind of excitement starting June 1st with the epic adventures of the Summer Reading Program!

The library is excited to promote summer reading among children, teenagers, and adults alike. The program will aim to improve reading skills and foster a lifelong love of literature. We will launch the program by holding a sign-up week starting Saturday, June 1st, through Saturday, June 8th, during which each child who signs up will receive a take-and-make blanket fort with a flashlight to accompany them on their reading adventures. Teens will receive an adventure bag complete with a compass and some cool summer reading stickers; while adults can be thrilled that they registered their children for the program.

Summer Reading is suitable for all ages, and by the end of the season, every participant will receive rewards for reading every day. Additionally, the library will host weekly activities like Storytime every Friday featuring special guests, take-and-make fun, and weekly events for all age groups. There is something for everyone!

Young children can enjoy cozying up for storytime, teenagers can explore their favorite topics in our new teen corner, and adults can indulge in their interests all summer long. Furthermore, everyone who returns their reading logs can receive cool t-shirts and sunglasses, and each returned log will count towards our grand prize drawings. Get ready for a summer of learning and earning!

Age groups 0-16 will receive two reading logs and one Summer Reading Road Trip Challenge.

• Children’s Reading Log #1—This log will help you keep track of your summer reading minutes. On the reverse side, you can take on an adventure challenge. You can exchange this log for a free summer reading t-shirt and sunglasses. Additionally, your log will be included in our grand prize drawings.

• Tween & Teen Reading Log #1 - A Breeze! Enjoy reading eight books in June and eight more in July. Return this log for a complimentary summer reading t-shirt and sunglasses. Your log will then be entered into our grand prize competitions.

• Reading Log #2—Embark on the Blue Zoo Reading Adventure by reading 20 books. Earn free admission to the Blue Zoo and four feeding tokens! You can log the books you have already read on reading log #1, and this offer is valid until September!

• Adventure Map—Join the Summer Reading Road Trip Challenge and visit all three library branches this year! Upon completing all the adventures, you will get a free ice cream voucher for Sammy’s Scoops, and your map will be entered into a grand drawing to win Branson Tickets!

All adults who sign up will receive a reading log! Once completed, they will also snag a summer reading t-shirt and sunglasses, and their log will be entered into the grand prize drawings.

The goal is simple: read every day. You can read anything, from magazines to books to the newspaper! Read books that you check out from the library, borrow from a friend, buy from the bookstore—anywhere you get books from counts! The library also offers a large selection of digital materials on Libby. Exercising those reading muscles through the summer months will help kids stay ready for school in the fall!

Why waste those sunny, sluggish days when you can dive into thrilling stories and get sweet rewards? We are excited to announce that this year's grand prize drawings will have three winners for each age group! The prizes are amazing, and we have a lot of outdoor adventures to give away, such as a swimming pool, electric scooters, camping and kayaking gear, and a patio set for adults, among others! Everyone is invited on this reading rollercoaster—from tiny tots to grown-ups!

The library could not have made this program a reality without the fantastic support of our local businesses. Their generous donations have been a significant contribution to our success. We thank you all!

All programs at the McDonald County Library are free to attend.

This project is supported in part of the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Missouri State Library.

Did we mention take-and-make blanket forts?


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